Managing your affilate program has never been easier. After a quick install onto your server, you can have your program live in a matter of minutes. You don't need any php, design or coding experience! Offer your affiliates everything they need to convert your paysites!

Manage Every AspectSchedule your affiliate toolsSave time and money
Welcome to Acufuse

Acufuse has been built with program owners in mind. We understand how difficult it can be to maintain your affiliate program and keep it fresh with brand new content. With so many new tools on the market every day, we've decided to create a management program that can keep you up to date with all the promotional tools your affiliates require. On initial install, you will be able to offer all tools listed on our features page. We are continuously improving our software to release updates of any new promotional tools on the market today.

Using our sophisticated Affiliate software, Acufuse also allows you to run your affiliate program in the way your CMS works. You can set all your promotional tools to future dates where it will automatically release using a simple cron job! To check out all of the promotional tools you will be able to offer today, check out our features page!

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Latest News

Multiple level security features added.
Allow different level logins for program owners and affiliate managers.

FLV exporter added.
Export promotional FLV's in a delimited format.

Sign Up form added to Acufuse administration.
Add your custom sign up form using the administration panel

New Acufuse template added.
No need for a designer, use one of our premade Acufuse templates

Program page maintenance.
Maintain your "Program" page using Acufuse administration.

Assign categories/ niches for your galleries
Help your affiliates find the tools that convert for them with ease!


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